Graveyard Keeper is a game about choices, dark humor, and making profit from bodies of fallen RPG heroes, and is available beginning later today on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass. Over two years ago we were coming off the launch of Punch Club and brainstorming random ideas for what a next game could be. […]

THQ Nordic has announced that they have picked up the Timesplitters property and released trilogy, as well as the rights to Free Radical’s Second Sight. This puts THQ Nordic in a position to not only re-release the old Timesplitters games, but to make new ones, as well. “Timesplitters was largely considered as one of the […]

Arkane’s Dishonored series is considered one of the stronger immersive sims released this generation by a lot of people, but it seems like last year’s Death of the Outsider standalone expansion might be the last Dishonored content we get for a long time, if ever again. Speaking to VG247 during Quakecon, Arkane lead designer Ricardo […]

Rumors have been circulating for a few months about Microsoft introducing a new version of the Xbox Elite Controller, their premium controller with swappable parts. Now, a tweet from The Verge senior editor Tom Warren indicates an announcement may come sooner rather than later. The tweet today refers to the codename, Washburn, which was been […]

Insurgency, a shooter with roots as far back as the days of Half-Life 2 mods, is free for a limited time on Steam. If you download and play the game now, which costs you nothing, you own it forever. The game was released in 2014 by New World Interactive, acting as a sequel to standalone […]

When Yakuza was first released in Japan under the title of Ryu ga Gotoku in 2005, the gaming industry was a very different place. The PlayStation 2 was so far ahead in terms of install base that nothing else could really compete, but technology allowed publishers to put their game basically anywhere if there was […]

Beat Saber, the Early Access VR rhythm game about slicing through colored blocks with lightsabers, has quickly grown a huge modding community that is making custom tracks for the game. Most of these tracks are exactly what you would expect: playable versions of popular songs that the dev has not yet licensed. Next to those […]

Phantom Doctrine, fittingly enough, really snuck up on us. The turn-based strategy game has complex stealth systems, base management, and a good helping of cold war flair. In a recent New Gameplay Today, we did our best to play the game while simultaneously explaining its mechanics – a task that proved very difficult. Thankfully, developer […]

In their unceasing march towards total backwards compatibility, Microsoft announced today that both Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider Anniversary are now playable on Xbox One. Tomb Raider: Legend and Lara Croft Tomb Raider Anniversary are coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today (and both are currently on sale) — Larry Hryb (@majornelson) […]

Warhammer 40,000 returns to Xbox One with Space Hulk: Tactics, an enhanced adaption of the classic turn-based strategy board game, coming October 9, and now available for pre-order on the Microsoft Store. In Space Hulk: Tactics, Marine Terminators face off against merciless alien Genestealers in the tight confines of a space hulk, an ancient amalgamation […]

Like any good murder mystery, people watch as investigators make connections they hadn’t considered, but seem to make total sense as soon as our minds make the connection. Since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was shown off at E3, the newcomers have left a pile of bodies in their wake in each new CG trailer. Metroid […]

Capcom hasn’t said much about Devil May Cry 5 since its announcement at E3, preferring instead to focus on the sooner-releasing Resident Evil 2, but it seems like we won’t have to wait too much longer for hands-on impressions. Devil May Cry series producer Hideaki Itsuno revealed on Twitter that they’ve finished the demo for […]

Beginning today Preview Alpha – Skip Ahead, Preview Alpha, and Preview Beta can begin using the new Shopping Cart feature in the Xbox Store! FEATURE DETAILS: You’ll now see a Cart icon in the Store which will navigate to the Shopping Cart. All game and app product details pages now have an “Add to Cart” […]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is poised to be one of this holiday season’s biggest releases. When the Switch entry in the long-running franchise was unveiled at E3 2018, fans were shocked to learn about the scope of the new title; not only was the Smash team adding a few new characters and stages, but also […]

Horror comes in many forms. The sudden strike of the hammer, the slow drip of a blood-soaked corridor, the crunch of a monstrous creature feasting on bones. Each evokes their own emotion, their own feeling. What we’re most proud of in Call of Cthulhu is our atmosphere and the creeping sense of dread we chose […]

Total War: Three Kingdoms’ new trailer showcases Sun Jian throwing down on his enemies and features the new campaign map as well as some battle footage. The whole trailer is in-engine and looks as gorgeous as ever, with the campaign map in particular showcasing the change in scenery China will bring compared to past entries […]

Although we’ve already gotten hands-on time with the traditional Black Ops 4 multiplayer, Treyarch has been cagey with details on the game’s brand new battle royale mode, Blackout. However, a new teaser dropped today tells us some key details for the last-man-standing romp. Prepare accordingly.#Blackout — Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) August 14, 2018 “Solos. […]

It’s a bittersweet day here at Telltale. The final chapter in Clementine’s journey has officially begun. Episode One of The Walking Dead: The Final Season is now available on Xbox One which means we’re one step closer to bringing a beloved character’s six-year arc to a close. But before we go, we get to see […]

Good news Souls fans, this fall you will be able to take Dark Souls with you wherever you go. The Switch version of Dark Souls Remastered finally has an official release date, after being delayed alongside the Solaire of Astora amiibo. The game will be out October 19, just in time to explore the dilapidated […]

Bethesda’s Fallout previews, with an old-timey narrator and simple animations, are often both adorable and disturbing. The studio’s newest trailer for Fallout 76 exhibits both those traits, and shows off several potential situations for multiplayer parties to get themselves embroiled in. Earlier this week, Bethesda dropped some details on how players would battle each other, […]

Keep your controller collection as current as your Xbox Game Pass membership. Today, there are two new Xbox controller options to choose from: the Xbox Wireless Controller – Phantom Black Special Edition and the Xbox Wireless Controller – Grey/Blue. The Phantom Black Special Edition will ship to retailers worldwide on September 11 for $69.99 USD; […]

Electronic Arts chief design officer Patrick Söderlund is leaving the company later this year after a transition period of three months. Söderlund was CEO of Battlefield developer DICE when EA acquired it in 2006, and since then he has moved up the ladder at EA. In 2016 he went from EA studios vice president to […]

Do you like turn-based strategy games? Do you like SPIES? Then boy oh boy, are you in luck today! We’ve got some recently declassified footage of Phantom Doctrine for your eyes only, which are all phrases that spies will recognize and appreciate. The ’80s-era strategy title from CreativeForge Games tasks players with managing their own […]

BlizzCon 2010 lives in infamy inside the walls of Blizzard. It’s the moment Ian Bates – “Red Shirt Guy” in World of Warcraft circles – sent the development team back to school. Taking the microphone in a packed hall, Bates asked a question so unexpected, so specific that it stumped the assembled experts on the […]

Inside Xbox kicks off one of the world’s largest video game shows with a live broadcast direct from Cologne, Germany on Tuesday, August 21 at 7:30 a.m. PDT/10:30 a.m. EDT on Mixer, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Our gamescom content will include the latest on Forza Horizon 4, Sea of Thieves, and State of Decay […]
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