Back by popular demand, the Xbox Wireless Controller – Armed Forces II Special Edition is the second iteration of the original Xbox Wireless Controller – Armed Forces Special Edition. This version takes on the fan-favorite modern military green camouflage pattern and has a new hint of orange on the Bind button. Plus, with this version, […]

The waters have been somewhat calm in Rare’s Sea of Thieves, but pirate ships and a wealth of new content should bring violent waves when the game’s biggest update yet hits on July 31 for free. These new additions will be introduced in a new three-week-long campaign called Cursed Sails. This time-limited story pits you […]

You can now hunt down a human version of Shelob without any orcs in a shopping cart. In a sizable update that was added to Middle-earth: Shadow of War today, the market and microtransactions were removed from the game. In a post on PlayStation Blog, Monolith’s vice president of creative Michael de Plater said that […]

The prospect of exploring the cartoon apocalypse of Adventure Time’s Ooo in a video game is incredibly enticing. Pirates of the Enchiridion turns Ooo into a world where you can go off and explore in any direction at nearly any time, which is what I want from a game taking advantage of the Adventure Time […]

Overwatch apparently started a trend of adding small rodents as heroes. Hammond and his wrecking ball add a different dimension to Overwatch’s character types, and now Divinity: Original Sin 2 players will have the chance to see how a diminutive rodent performs on the battlefield. Bandai Namco and Larian Studios today announced that Sir Lora, […]

My Hero One’s Justice’s latest trailer covers a lot of ground, showcasing more characters and combat. story mode, mission mode, and customization alongside some spoilers for the anime, so watch out if you’re not all caught up. All the characters have different abilities based on their quirks (just like in the manga and anime), stages […]

At last month’s E3 we gave players a tease of the upcoming Sea of Thieves content updates that we have planned for the summer. We’re thrilled to announce that the first of these summer updates – Cursed Sails – will be available for free to all Sea of Thieves players from July 31. New Content […]

Hello! A week from today on July 24, No Man’s Sky, including the Next update, will launch on Xbox One for the very first time. We are focused on development, but we know people are hungry for details. It’s nearly two years ago our small team of friends, with a shared love sci-fi, opened the […]

Fantasy? Or Reality? From Steven Spielberg comes “Ready Player One.” Set in 2045, the virtual reality world – the OASIS – is the future. Follow Wade and his friends on a digital treasure hunt through a fantastical universe of mystery, discovery and danger as they fight for their future in the real world and in […]

No Man’s Sky Next is a free update that will add some pretty impressive new content to No Man’s Sky. You can check out the trailer below, which showcases true multiplayer, third-person options, and, for the first time, ringed planets. The game has also received a visual overhaul, bases can be built on any planet, […]

Today I’m very happy to announce that Mothergunship is now available digitally on Xbox One! As the spiritual successor to Tower of Guns, Mothergunship blends bullet hell intensity with the FPS genre and promises one of the most unique gun crafting systems ever seen in a video game. In Mothergunship you play as a member […]

Game Maker’s Toolkit, a YouTube channel by games writer Mark Brown, takes deep dives on certain aspects of gaming from level design to music. He explains in detail what works about, say, a dungeon in Zelda and sometimes what doesn’t. Now Brown has launched a new series on the channel, Designing for Disability. In the […]

As Hitman 2 gets closer to release, IO Interactive is making sure players familiarize themselves with the game’s first season. A free Summer DLC pack is releasing tomorrow and the third episode Marrakesh is coming along with it. Tomorrow the HITMAN: Summer Pack arrives. Giving you access to download Episode 3: Marrakesh. It’s FREE to […]

Jordan Vogt-Roberts talked a little bit today about the creation of the Metal Gear Solid movie, which he intends to direct, but he already has his eyes toward another video game franchise: Metroid. In an interview with IGN, Voght-Roberts talked about wanting to do the sci-fi franchise justice and his ideas for what the movie […]

Back in April, Nintendo announced a contest for people to take their newly-purchased Labo kits and decorate them in interesting and creative ways. In the three categories Nintendo set (Best Decorated Toy-Con, Best Toy-Con Mod Using Toy-Con Garage, and Best Original Invention Using Toy-Con Garage), three winners were chosen in each category, so we’ll show […]

Looking forward to Jump Force but feel like it needs a much more super-deformed artstyle? Konami might have your back with the newly announced Jump Stadium, a four-player Smash Bros.-like for mobile phones. The announcement trailer goes through characters by the decades and shows off every single character, including a number of deep dives and […]

Montreal’s Crea-ture Studios grabbed the world’s attention with their skateboarding game Session at E3 when Microsoft showcased the title during their press conference. Session is coming to the Xbox One and PC, and will be in Steam Early Access and the Xbox Game Preview program in late 2018, with the first version of the title […]

It feels like Stranger Things‘ second season just came out, but Netflix is already teasing the third season with a commercial for Hawkins’ Starcourt mall. The commercial is about as 1980s as you can get, complete with nostalgia of stores long past, cool guys standing around with walkmans and sunglasses on inside, and neon signs. […]

Starting at 6:00 p.m. PDT today, members of the Xbox One Preview Alpha – Skip Ahead and Preview Alpha rings will begin receiving the latest Xbox One system update (1810.180713-2338). Learn more about the new features in development for 1810 here, and read on for a list of fixes and known issues in this 1810 […]

Ubisoft has revealed that mobile title Hungry Shark World will be coming to consoles on July 17 after 500 million downloads on mobile. The Shark series, created by Ubisoft studio Future Games of London, has had multiple games on mobile platforms, with Hungry Shark World being the sixth. Hungry Shark World lets players swim around, […]

In a summer crossover event that should please fans of both Destiny 2 and New Gameplay Today, the latest episode of NGT is also part of our month of Destiny 2: Forsaken coverage! This means we get to bring on Destiny 2 lore PhD candidate Jeff Cork to talk about some of his favorite parts […]

Getting through the Mega Man X games, especially some of the later ones, can be fairly difficult. If you’re someone who gets frustrated by one-hit kills, bosses that seem to track you when short-hopping and take out half your lifebar, or infrequent checkpoints, the games can be hair-pullingly tough to play through with a lack […]

During E3 in June, Fortnite released on Switch, and it’s a solid port. After spending time with it, however, I wondered how it would play with the aid (or hindrance, depending who you ask) of motion controls. Realistically I don’t know if I would use it, or if it would help my aim, but I […]

Despite the unfortunate name, GTFO is filling an interesting niche in the co-op shooter sphere. Left 4 Dead-style horde waves, but with an Aliens aesthetic and – according to this trailer – disconcerting enemies. GTFO comes from the developers of Payday, and it looks like it uses their pedigree for tense cooperation while radically switching […]

30 years ago today, the film adaptation of the manga, Akira, released in theaters in Japan. The legacy of both the film and the manga are important and far-reaching, both in the broader science-fiction landscape, and the cultural acceptance of anime across the world. You can see its influence in video games, but direct adaptations […]
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