Apple iPhone X (with iOS 11 bugs) in the video spot on Face ID

Apple released a new video spot last Friday that enhances the iPhone X ‘s face recognition unlock feature. The protagonist of the movie was also the passage in which a small bug of iOS 11 is visible and that the Cupertino house has not bothered to eliminate.

Specifically, at minute 0:51 it can be seen that part of the message text of iMessage is initially outside the animated notification window.

This is certainly not a bug of epic proportions, but its presence in an official spot has inevitably been discussed, also because it is a bug reported several months ago.

Noting its presence in the official video spot was Benjamin Mayo, author of 9to5Mac, who had identified the bug in iOS 11 in November last year.

Apart from the oversight, the film is undoubtedly effective in enhancing the effectiveness of the Face ID that allows you to unlock the smartphone in a very immediate mode.

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