Battlefield 2042 removes the weekly mission due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Battlefield 2042

DICE decides to eliminate the weekly mission system since the reward for these days was a skin for the Russian combat helicopter.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine this week has shaken the entire world, and the video game industry was no exception. Various studios around the globe have shown solidarity with Ukrainian civilians, but far from that, there have been other less relevant and more curious circumstances, such as the fact that the weekly Battlefield 2042 mission had to be removed because of its reward.

And it is that the reward of the weekly mission these days was, coincidentally, a skin for the Russian Grin Reaper Mi-240 Super Hind helicopter, a skin that DICE had the misfortune to call Friendly Death, Friendly Death.

“In light of current events, we have disabled the Weekly Missions system for this week, and the reward is no longer available to unlock,” DICE said on its official Twitter account. “Players who have already completed this week’s quest will not be affected. Weekly quests will return next week.”

May not be permanently removed

What they have not yet decided from the Swedish study is if this skin will be able to return in the future. “It’s not a decision we’ve made yet, but something we’ll discuss in the future,” said Adam Freeman, EA Community Lead. “When the weekly missions resume next week, it will be a different challenge and reward.”

Meanwhile, DICE is looking for a way to revitalize Battlefield 2042, a game that has not had the best possible launch and continues to lose players until it has been surpassed even by the last installment, Battlefield V.

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