Dead by Daylight’s next big update will change the interface, improve graphics and animations, matchmaking and much more

One of the proposals that Behavior Interactive set for 2021 was to considerably improve the quality of Dead by Daylight with visual changes to make it a more terrifying and immersive game. The team has already shown some of the new features it was working on some time ago, and several will become available this month through a free update.

In the development journal published by the company, we can see that the interface has been renewed to make it simpler and more visual than before. Now everything is clearer, such as the faces of the characters in the upper left along with an indicator of the times that the murderers have hung each of them on the hooks.

In addition, in the options, you can set the size of the elements, in case someone wants to increase or decrease it even more. In the following image, you can better appreciate the result.

The survivor animations have been another aspect that has been completely revised to improve them even more and make them more realistic than ever. The same has also been applied to a couple of maps in the game so that the Crotus Prenn Asylum and Gideon Meat Processing Plant scenarios have become more sinister and terrifying. To demonstrate this, the following images have come to light.