Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (March 15, 2018)

Metroidvanias and
Super Smash Bros.? This might be the best Blog Herding edition ever.

Community Blogs
For March 8 – March 14:

Verge: Metroidvania At Its Finest

Brendon Curzio writes a short blog on what makes Axiom Verge so good. Really, you
should have read Metroidvania in the title and knew right away that it’s quite
good. “New weapons lead to new areas, new areas lead to new discoveries, and
with each new discovery secrets abound.” That’s really all you need to know.

Elena Delusion

Uncharted 4’s Elena is the subject of Buswaxer25’s blog. The writer’s take is
that Elena is quite selfish, and Drake is not. Debate away in the comics.

The Perspective of a Souls Beginner

Timothy Repasky is here to write about Blooborne as a complete newbie, which is
pretty cool. He didn’t think he would like it but fell in love. This is his
story of getting sucked into the world of Bloodborne.

Biblical Origins of Dormin and the Curse of the Horns

Uesugi-done wrote this for the Shadow of Colossus fans. This is for sure a deep
dive and a fun read if you’re a fan of the game and mythology.

a Piano and Tifa’s Underwear

MATASTIG is here to write about one of the most important games ever made:
Final Fantasy VII. This is a short blog, but it’s significant because I did not
know you could, uh, do something crude. I had played the piano, but how cool is
it to discover new things in a game years later?

Saturation, Baby

StarterPack jmped all over this challenge. The fact that Space Dandy is
mentioned in this blog makes it noteworthy. And from there, we’re diving into
the crazy game ‘Pack wants to make. Basically, Space Dandy would make a nutso
game that I’m all for.

Do You Want From Super Smash Bros. Switch?

I want it all, BethesdaWare. The fact that the original developer is back is
enough to make me swoon. But like always, I want as many characters, stages,
and items as possible (even if we usually turn items off when getting serious),
but everthing to be balanced as best as possible. This will be what finally
gets me to pick up a Switch.

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