Capcom Pro Tour Brings New Costumes, Stage To Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

To commemorate the Capcom Pro Tour 2018, Capcom announced that they will be releasing DLC that adds new character skins for Akuma and Sakura as well as a brand new stage used for the CPT. Along with those new character costumes, there will be a third costume inspired by the reigning Capcom Cup champion, Mena D.

All of the costumes and the new stage can be purchased individually, or bundled together as part of the Capcom Pro Tour 2018 Premier Pass, which also includes exclusive CPT colors for all characters, five titles, two fighter profile themes, access to exclusive special targets, and a 5,000 Fight Money Bonus. In North America and Europe, 70% of the proceeds from any DLC purchase will go towards the Capcom Cup prize pool.

The Akuma and Sakura costumes will be available starting on April 3, while the CPT stage and the Champion’s Choice costume will be available at a later time.

[Source: Capcom Pro Tour]