Comcast Withdraws Bid For Fox, Disney Is Unimpeded For Acquisition

When Fox announced that they were spinning off and selling their entertainment arm, 21st Century Fox, Disney was quite keen in acquiring the studio. The move would give Disney a 40 percent ownership of the entire American film industry and a host of IPs to bolster their already prolific portfolio. Comcast eventually stepped in to make their own bid for Fox’s assets, leading to a bidding war between the two gigantic media conglomerates.

Today, Comcast withdrew their bid, leaving Disney the only game in town for Fox to call home.

Disney has overcome anti-trust regulatory questions concerning the buyout, so nothing is really standing in their way beyond a vote at Fox to let it go through. The move would make Disney unquestionably the largest entertainment company in the world, but would also likely incorporate Fox’s long-held Marvel licenses like X-Men and Deadpool into the Marvel fold at Disney.

It would also likely have an effect on Fox’s gaming divisions, like the newly-formed Foxnext, which would eventually come under Disney’s umbrella.

[Source: The Washington Post]