First Trailer For Young Justice Season 3 Looks To The Future

It has been a long time since DC’s youth-based superhero show Young Justice finished its second season. After surging popularity of the first two seasons on Netflix, DC decided to launch their streaming service with a third season made exclusively for it subtitled Outsiders. From San Diego Comic-con, we get our first look at the new trailer for Young Justice: Outsiders.

The trailer begins with a recap of the previous few seasons, so you might want to skip to 3:00 if you haven’t caught up. If you need a quick refresher, though, it helps to give context to the new footage.

The show’s creators Brandon Vietti, who made the excellent Batman: Under the Red Hood, and Greg Weisman known best for cartoons like Gargoyles and Star Wars Rebels, are returning for the third season but also hope to be around for more. Young Justice: Outsiders will be on DC’s streaming service in 2019.