Fortnite V3.3 Brings Bigger Booms, Loot Llamas, And More

If there’s one thing that Fortnite has been missing up to this point, it’s the ability to crack open a llama piñata for some sweet loot. Fortnite’s V3.3 update is rolling out today and includes the debut of the new Supply Llamas, Remote Explosives, and a limited-time mode called Blitz to Battle Royale. Save The World is also getting a St. Patrick’s Day themed quest and heroes. Here are some of the highlights from V3.3 according to Epic Game’s patch notes, which can be found here.

Battle Royale

  • Supply Llama – Only three of these magical beasts will drop in random locations per game and they will contain 500 pieces of wood, stone, and metal, 10 stacks of each ammo type, and 3 traps and consumables.
  • Remote Explosives – A brand new, rare item that will take out structures in one blow and can be found in Supply Llamas, chests, floor loot, and supply drops.
  • Smoke Grenades – These items have been vaulted until further notice.
  • Blitz – Starting on March 19, this new limited-time mode decreases the time of storms while increasing loot drop rates and resource harvests, resulting in quick-paced matches that last around 15 minutes.

Save The World

  • Luck of the Storm – The next chapter of the Spring it On event tasks players with uncovering treacherous treasures, tracking mythical creatures, and enduring springtime storms.
  • New heroes – Quest rewards include an Epic Leprechaun Survivor as well as a choice between the legendary Luck Demolisher Wildcat, Highland Warrior Wildcat, and Battle Hound Jonesy heroes.

[Source: Epic Games]

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