Gravity Rush 2 Online Servers Shut Down Tonight

Sony announced a little while back that they would be shutting down the servers for their single-player title Gravity Rush 2. The deadline comes up today and soon the ability to gather the game’s “Dusty Tokens,” items gathered while playing the game and connected to PSN, will be cut off.

Gravity Rush 2 put some amount of content, including a few costumes, photos, and an Unlimited Potential talisman. Players could collect Dusty Tokens online and then spend them on items, with the Talisman allowing unlimited gravity power use and is considered an important quality of life item for exploratory post-game activities.

While Sony has increased the dusty token drop rate, it is unlikely that there is enough time now to gather the 6000 dusty tokens necessary for the talisman. It’s also not clear why Sony is shutting down the servers for a first party title a year and a half after its release.

Our Take
Gravity Rush 2 was a good game with a fantastic soundtrack. It’s a shame that these things couldn’t just be patched as rewards into the offline game if they had to shut the servers down.