Advance access from PixARK will begin on March 27 on Xbox One and PC

Advance access from PixARK will begin on March 27 on Xbox One and PC

The ‘Battle Royale‘ may be the fashion genre, but successfully merge ‘Minecraft’ and ‘ ARK: Survival Evolved ‘ to be a winning combination.

Something that goes into the plans of ‘PixARK’ and that very soon we can put to the test. More specifically, next March 27.

Taking advantage of the context of the recently recovered Inside Xbox, Snail Games has put a date on its project on Xbox One and PC.

Of course, it will be an early access, which is expected to launch the final version later with new content and a more polished proposal.

Announced last January, ‘PixARK’ proposes to develop us on an island where we will have to survive dinosaurs and magical creatures based on crafting all kinds of technology and mystical tools.

Of course, when there are no threats ahead we can create a base to taste … as long as we have enough cubes.

A curious and carefree proposal with virtually endless possibilities that will make the Xbox catalog a little better for a very interesting March at Microsoft: besides the launch of ‘Sea of Thieves’, the services of ‘Game Pass’ and ‘EA Access’ They have reinforced their contents very well.

It is expected that the final version of ‘PixARK’ will arrive at the end of the year on both Xbox and PC and PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Competing with ‘Minecraft’ and ‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ at the same time can be crazy, but to gather the fans of both is a real genius.