Ninja Turtles sign up for Injustice 2 Cowabunga!

The Netherrealm study has outdone itself. Three days after the arrival of Hellboy, ‘Injustice 2’ has revealed the characters that will be part of the Fighters Pack 3 and the last batch comes with an interesting surprise: the Ninja Turtle will measure their strength with the heroes of DC

We knew that Ed Boon has a tendency to include colorful ninjas in his games, but that Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michaelangelo would put the finishing touches on the last of the post-launch fighter packs has caught us completely off guard. But they are not the only characters included.

Along with the chelonians created by Eastman and Laird, Atom – whom we had already seen in a trailer at the beginning of October – and the Enchantress, which we saw on the big screen a year ago in ‘Suicide Squad’, will be incorporated. Six authentic luxury signings full of possibilities.

The inclusion of the four turtles as playable characters is also interesting. Netherrealm could opt for a system similar to Triborg, allowing us to choose before entering combat, or perhaps its gameplay is based on a system of relays or assists as shown in Ginyu in ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ‘.

Netherrealm does not stitch without thread: the announcement coincides with the imminent arrival of ‘Injustice 2’ to PC, but also on the eve of the premiere in billboards of ‘The Justice League’. Of course, Boon and his team had saved the biggest surprise for the end, but for now, there is no date of arrival. Go ask for Pizza because these four do not eat anything else!