Nintendo Switch: More users prefer to use it with mobility than with Dock and TV

With the arrival of Nintendo Switch, Kyoto’s home console fans found themselves in front of an unprecedented opportunity to play their favorite titles both in mobility and comfortably on home TV, other seamless. But what will be the main user choice? To give this answer, Nintendo thinks of itself, through new data recently shared.

Nintendo has in fact been tracking the Switch owners with a Nintendo account so they can find out what their favorite gameplay is like. To do this he asked players in which of the two configurations, tabletop/mobile or dock and TV, spent over 80% of their playing time and collected the results in the following graph:

As you can see, most users, little more than 50%, use the two modes indiscriminately, however, a portable or tabletop mode is the most popular among those who have made a net choice. This was preferred by more than 30% of players, while just under 20% prefer to use Switch as if it were a traditional console.

The data shows a good polarization of the user, which seems particularly interested in using Switch in all the different modes that the console offers, not showing such a large gap between those who use it in mobility and those predominantly in the dock. And what do you do with your console? Let us know in the comments!

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