Pay close attention to all the winks with which TenShinHan (and Chaoz) will arrive at Dragon Ball FighterZ

TenShinHan may not be the most powerful warrior in Dragon Ball, but he is-by far-the most disciplined warrior, and that translates into a technique as varied as it is effective . Something that Akira Toriyama was able to capture in his drawings, and that Arc System Works will transfer with total fidelity to ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ‘.

The channel of iKevinX completes its series of references to the characters of ‘Dragon Ball’ announced to date showing all the winks and tributes of the most advanced disciple of the Crane Duende. And, as always, the result does not disappoint.

Ten is dangerous in practically all distances, in the end, he was one of the first Dragon Warriors to develop flight technique. What’s more, the aerial auctions of his Machine Gun Punch will position our rival where we are most interested.

But the truly dangerous are his knees and elbows, which have a good balance between mobility and damage. In addition, his Volleyball Attack has also been adapted to the game giving an interesting strategic touch that makes it a movement to evade. Of course, the Kiko Ho will be the attack that will keep any enemy at bay, unless you want

Like other fighters like Ginyu or Android No. 18, TenShinHan will not enter the ring alone: Chaoz will be integrated into his repertoire of movements with two of his most remembered techniques: on the one hand, he will momentarily immobilize one of his rivals with his telekinetic powers. But, if the situation requires it, he will sacrifice himself by exploiting attached to the back of his enemy.

Tien Shinhan is one of the 18 characters confirmed in ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’, but he is also one of the most complete and original fighters in the game. Enough to complicate things for the Super Saiyan? Next February 26 we will have a little clearer on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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