This is Project Nightmares, a procedural horror game

Project Nightmares is the project of two young people who seek to revolutionize horror video games on PC.

Deepening the usual features of the titles that come to PC and consoles in these times, they wanted to give a twist to make each game is different with the generation of procedural levels.

A structure of objects and procedural levels

Both have created a Patreon and have set a goal: that the game is soon in Steam Early Access.

For the moment they have managed to get Project Nightmares approved in Steam Greenlight and they have presented an intense video of its gameplay.

According to its managers, Project Nightmares will offer a different experience in each game thanks to its level generation system, which will not repeat the same scare twice and that will help make each session as terrifying as the first time.

Project Nightmares, a first-person title developed in Argentina based on the latest version of Unity, will count 36 different cases, which will mark the storyline of the game.

As explained, the title will present us to a group of scientists who have a special sensitivity when it comes to finding enchanted and paranormal objects. Through the different episodes that the game will contain, we will visit from abandoned houses to desolate places and the like.

It will present 36 different episodes, in which although the argument will be linear, procedural levels and scares will be offered

The game, or at least part of it, aims to reach PC this year through early access to the Valve platform. We remind you that you have Patreon to collaborate with.