Shadow of the Colossus, first impressions: this is a remake in conditions

I just tried the remake of ‘Shadow of the Colossus‘ on a PS4 Pro in Paris and I will be very direct: this is a remake of conditions. From the tail of the Agro horse to the eyes of the colossi, the work BluePoint Games has done with the title of Fumito Ueda and Team Ico is spectacular.

I was able to finish with the colossus one (Values), with the three (Gaius) and with the thirteen (Phalanx), but where I have enjoyed the most, the way to them, with the landscape, the setting and every graphic detail of the game.

Before the game menu where we were allowed to choose which of the three giants we wanted to go to, there are some images in which we see Wander riding his horse, Agro, walking around the world. They are made to delight us with the graphic finish of the title, very elegant and focused on the details. In fact, they even let us interact by slightly moving the perspective or zooming in with the remote.

Once we get into this forbidden world of ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ the first thing that jumps out is probably the best thing about the remake: the graphics. I was amazed at the tail of the horse, with the dust that you raise when you ride through the desert, through the textures of the forests, through the lighting, through the depth of the landscape, through the vibrant hair of the colossi … so many elements and are so well taken care of that it is all a visual enjoyment.

That being the case, I can not help recommending a PS4 Pro and a 4K and HDR TV to fully enjoy BluePoint’s work. Gone is that remastering HD for PS3 that did not do justice to the original, at least not like this remake.

It becomes a reference to the graphics power for this generation of consoles

There has been something curious: I’ve lost myself finding the colossus three. I’ve been at least fifteen minutes circling, and I do not know if it’s been my subconscious that I did not want to find it, but the fact is that, instead of frustrating me, it did not matter to me at all. The visual aspect is so achieved that, for me, it enters as a new reference of the visual power of this generation of consoles. The game can run at 1080p and 60fps, although we have tested it at 4K and 30fps.

You have to play it and watch live and live to get an idea. The trailers and gameplay do not reflect everything that they give of themselves graphically.

Of the colossi I will not say how to end them because it is part of the magic of the game, to discover it, to climb them. As in the original, there is a total of 16 (sorry, it seems that those discarded at the time will not be here either) and, logically, each one is different. For example, the number three is in the middle of a lake with a huge sword or the number thirteen is the flyer that we saw in the Paris Games Week trailer.

Same essence, different buttons

The essence and mechanics of the game are maintained. Of course, we have new button scheme : jump with the X, grab the sites with R2, use our illuminating sword with the R1, we handle the horse with the triangle (in fact, if you do not hit the push with your legs, the horse does not move, equally, if we want it to run more, we have to hit it again or keep the triangle pressed, that already in tastes) and it’s still so weird to handle. It’s like little fluid, it’s hard to do with it.

Everything else respects the original title: the mechanics, the dynamics, the narrator in voice-over, the contents themselves. Here BluePoint has chosen not to play with the feelings of such a special title for so many players. And I think they have achieved a result in which graphics and mechanics are very integrated. Everything becomes very natural (saving the part of riding the horse, which, as we said, costs some work).

Accessing the statistics section we have discovered the distance in kilometers we have traveled with the horse, on foot, and also give us clues of other things that we have not been able to see in this first approach: collected fruits, pray in temples, resplendent lizard tails, special objects collected, harpoons thrown, arrows shot, time mounted on fish, on hawks, etc.

The essence of ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ but in a spectacular visual envelope

If one of the drawbacks of the original was just the technical section, with a controversial and controversial fluidity, this remake solves it with spades and, in addition, maintaining what the players liked so much, the narrative and the mechanics.

It is, neither more nor less than the essence of ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ but in a spectacular visual envelope. It will go on sale on February 6, 2018, and this appetizer has left us with tremendous desire to continue.