The ten wildest ways to die in Total War: Warhammer II on the occasion of his new DLC

Almost a month after its launch, ‘Total War: Warhammer II‘ has begun to receive its first downloadable content and the first of which is already available for payment. The pack ‘ Blood for the God of Blood ‘ will be responsible for adding new effects to the strategy game of Creative Assembly to make it more bloodthirsty than ever.

The best way to discover how the game will look thanks to him is to visualize the new video that Koch Media has published, in which we can witness the ten wildest and most violent ways to die when launching into battle against other armies, making it clear that the different factions will not have any kind of contemplations when it comes to crushing their rivals.

Thanks to these new effects we can see how the blood will bubble from the units, they will be dyed red or we will be able to cut the head and extremities of the bodies. Also, to give it a more beastly touch, sounds have been included when executing lethal blows on the trunk or elsewhere and there will also be events that will produce an authentic carnage.

The effects can be activated and deactivated at any time from the options of the graphical configuration, so if you want to enjoy ‘Total War: Warhammer II’ in a more brutal way you can acquire this DLC for 2.49 euros. However, those who have this same pack in the first ‘ Total War: Warhammer ‘ can be done with it for free after being automatically added to the Steam library.