Next Pokémon Go Community Day To Focus On Squirtle

Get your Squirtle Squad sunglasses ready or order some in time for July 8’s Pokémon Go community day, which focuses on Kanto’s water starter.

During the day, Squirtles will be a much more common encounter out in the wild, which also raises the rate of Shiny Squirtles found, too. In addition, if you’re able to raise a Squirtle to Blastoise while the community day is still ongoing, your Blastoise will have an exclusive move that Niantic has yet to reveal.

Additionally, eggs will hatch at 25 percent of their usual distance, and time-based buffs will last three hours instead of thirty minutes.

This event will predate the Pokémon Go Festival and possibly the introduction of trading and friend lists by a few days, so this could be the last community day where you can’t trade or level up your friendships. If Niantic flips the switch on those features early, it could be the first community day with them!

Pokémon Go is available for iOS and Android.