Top NBA Prospect Deandre Ayton Is Also A Rookie To The Sponsored Call Of Duty Tweet Game

Deandre Ayton, commonly considered the number one NBA draft pick for this year, has a pretty active Twitter account. So of course he makes for a good sponsorship opportunity for things people might be interested in, like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. But that assumes that his agent communicates exactly how this sort of thing works.

The mistaken tweet was caught by a number of people, including Devolver Digital’s fictional CEO Fork Parker, screencapping the original tweet.

The single greatest sponsored tweet of all time.

— Fork Parker (@ForkParker) June 20, 2018

It has since been deleted and fixed by Ayton.

Awesome time yesterday with the #BlackOps4 crew. Thanks for having me #CallOfDutyPartner

— Deandre Ayton (@DeandreAyton) June 20, 2018

It is important to note that neither Activision nor Ayton are trying to hide the fact that the tweet is an ad, as the #CallOfDutyPartner tag is used for promotional consideration being offered by the Call of Duty brand. Still, it’s an important lesson in giving your sponsored tweet copy directly or it might not come out the way you want, whether intentionally or not.