Two New Titles Incoming From Burnout Creators

Three Fields Entertainment – an independent studio headed by creators of the Burnout series – have announced not one, but two games for 2018: Danger Zone 2 (July) and new title Dangerous Driving (winter). Both are coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Danger Zone 2 (shown) transports the player from the confines of the first game’s test zone locations to the real world. The game continues the set-piece destruction over 26 single-player levels in 17 locations in the U.S., U.K., and Spain.

Fiona Sperry, founder and CEO of Three Fields Entertainment, says that Danger Zone 2 includes more driving, drifting, and boosting than the first title, among other additions.

Dangerous Driving, meanwhile, appears to take a cue from the Burnout series’ racing gameplay rather the calculated destruction of that series’ Crash mode. The winter title also features plenty collisions, but does so through races featuring boosts and takedowns on traditional closed tracks.

I’m definitely excited for more Danger Zone, but I’m also curious how different these games feel from each other since it appears on the surface that they take the overall Burnout concept and split them into two separate titles. Of course, that could be good news for anyone only interested in one particular flavor of that legacy.