Killzone, the site of the franchise is retiring: a new chapter for PS5 is unlikely

Sony and Guerrilla Games have blacked out the official website of the Killzone series thus extinguishing the hopes of seeing a new episode of the franchise on PlayStation 5.

By accessing the domain, you are in fact greeted by an official note in which, in addition to thanks, users are informed of the closure of the site, stressing that the action will have no effect on online multiplayer modes, player statistics, or data. of the Killzone Mercenary and Killzone Shadow Fall leaderboards.

However, it should be noted that due to the closing of the portal, players will no longer be able to create or manage clans in Shadow Fall, the last episode of the series which debuted in 2013 as the launch title of PlayStation 4.

At the moment, therefore, it seems that Guerrilla Games has no intention of creating a new episode of Killzone even if in the future the situation may change.

Please note that currently the well-known software house is concentrated on the development of Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn presented at the Sony event last June.

In the new episode of the acclaimed franchise – scheduled for release on PlayStation 5 in the coming months – Aloy will travel to a distant land ravaged by epoch-making storms where he will face majestic machines and unprecedented threats