Market share of mobile OS: Android continues its slow growth

As every month, the Kantar WorldPanel Comtech Institute has just released the results of its study on the distribution of mobile OS in the world.

The results are hardly surprising, but once again confirm a clear trend: the disappearance of all systems that are not iOS or Android.

If there was still evidence that the mobile world is now split between Android and iOS, the latest figures from Kantar WorldPanel could bring it.

The mobile OSs of Apple and Google continue indeed to progress a little everywhere in the world by almost destroying the competitors.

In France for example, Android has increased from 72.2 to 72.9% from the end of December 2016 to the end of January 2017, from decimal points stolen especially to Windows, which rose from 3.3 to 2.8% over the same period.

The rest comes from a slight erosion of iOS’s market share from 24.4% to 24.2%.

The combined trend of the 5 major European markets (France, UK, Germany, Italy and Spain) follows the same trend with 74.3% market share for Android (+1.4 points) and 22.7 % For iOS (no progress).

The iPhone 7 remains the most sold mobile in France, Germany and Great Britain. Even in the United States, where Android earned 2 points (from 54.4% to 56.4%), iOS lost 2.4 (from 44.4% to 42%) and Windows struggled to exceed 1.5%, despite A slight increase of 0.5 points (from 0.8% at the end of 2016 to 1.3% at the end of January 2017).

In China, on the other hand, Android crushes competitors even more with 83.2% market share, while Windows and BlackBerry do not even exceed 0.1%.

The trend is clear: iOS and Android come to grab the last remaining points to the other OS which, because of new hardware, do not progress.

Lauren Guenveur of Kantar WorldPanel Comtech explains: “The Mobile World Congress has presented the true face of the market with the return of brands like Nokia and BlackBerry […] running on Android rather than their historical OS.”

In other words, the dynamic is not likely to reverse itself so soon.

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