Microsoft Authenticator: 2-Step Verification Reaches All Microsoft Accounts

With privacy and security as values to be taken care of now more than ever, companies seek to provide users with a safe but also easy and non-cumbersome way to access their accounts.

We see it in almost every application regardless of its source (Apple, Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, WhatsApp very recently )

The safest system, that’s clear, is the two-step verification that many systems and utilities offer, but it is not always the most practical, especially when we make use of several devices or we have several associated mobile lines.

So companies continue to look to offer systems that combine practicality and security and that is what Microsoft offers with its Microsoft Authenticator.

And we remember how at the beginning of the year from Redmond was announced Microsoft Authenticator as a safe and fast way to access our accounts. A process to log into our personal Microsoft account that did not require the use of a password.

A feature they have now made extendable to all Microsoft accounts such as, Xbox, Skype, etc.

To do this from the company launched the respective application available in the Windows Store, iOS and Android so that we just have to add the Microsoft account to the application to start using it.

This way each time you log in with that account on any device we will not need to enter the password. Just confirm the notice that will reach us on the phone where we have the Microsoft Authenticator application open.

It is a system of verification in two steps but something more accessible because it avoids having to be entering passwords in a regular way to access the services used.

Via / MSPowerUser

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