Moon Knight is coming to Disney+ on March 30

Marvel Studios released this week the trailer for Moon Knight, the new series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) for Disney + and if we pick it up in extremis it is… because it looks very good, really. And I say this knowingly and, above all, experiencing a significant weariness of everything that comes out of Disney. Or, rather, everything that comes out of two of the American company’s golden egg hens: galactic wars and superheroes.

In the cinematographic field, I think they have not released anything worthwhile since Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Far From Home (those of Spider-Man are not full UCM, but they are part of it) it was a mojoncete like the first; Black Widow three-quarters of the same, but with the aggravating circumstance of arriving years later than it should have done; Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings a real slop at the level of Black Panther or even worse; and Eternals … Well, let’s just say that Eternals, with all its faults, is the most drinkable of the last couple of years.

In the serial field, Scarlet Witch and Vision was an outstanding start for the UCM on Disney +, fresh and original, but maintaining the essence; Falcon and the Winter Soldier wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t particularly good either, keeping in his case a standard tone of the bunch; Loki, for his part, brought back one of the most beloved characters in the movies, but he did so with a bad and boring story; and Hawkeye turned out to be pure filler in which the only thing that stood out was the reappearance on the scene of the Kingpin from Netflix’s Daredevil.

I’ve skipped Spider-Man No Way Home because it’s still in theaters and I don’t want to suggest any assessment of a film that has more nostalgia than… Anyway, I’ll shut up. And I’ve also skipped What If… because it’s not bad, but it’s equally filler.

The point is that the UCM has immense merit: having built such a universe over more than a decade, spinning stories and characters until reaching the climax with the aforementioned Endgame; but even with the visual delight that each Marvel Studios movie or series usually offers, the rehash can saturate the most painted… or that has happened to me. And look, I was an avid reader of comics in his time and I know almost all the characters that are swarming around, including the one that concerns us.

And we return with Moon Knight, one of my favorite characters not in his own series, but in his journey with the Avengers themselves, because let’s face it, the costume design is amazing and the mystical roll, in the midst of so many superheroes to use, always he had his point. It is true that Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange are already out there, but this is above all a pretty crazy type of action in general, or rather tormented. That’s how I remember it from the comics.

Oscar Isaac ( Dune, Star Wars ) is in charge of giving life to Mark Spector, the same Moon Knight whose premiere is scheduled for next March 30 on Disney +, and from what can be seen in the trailer, we are not facing another character papier mâché like Hawkeye, the Winter Soldier or Falcon, to make matters worse the new Captain America (let Stan Lee assist us!), although it is clear that little can be advanced by a trailer. But it does not give the feeling of being in front of a goofy product like the last ones that Marvel Studios has left us.

Seriously: who would have thought that we would miss Netflix’s Marvel series, much more reduced in the budget than Disney +, but with adult stories and characters, with violence and complexity. I don’t expect anything from the other world either and, in fact, being the first series in which they introduce a new character, I am very afraid that the rhythm is not desirable, but… We will have to see it.

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