Multitasking by 3D Touch is back! Available in beta 2 of iOS 11.1

3D Touch

It has been one of the biggest dramas of iOS 11 since Apple released the new version of the operating system has not been possible to invoke multitasking by gesture 3D Touch in a corner of the screen. Apparently, it has been temporary, since Apple has already returned the functionality.

As promised by Craig Federighi, it is a gesture that they had to leave temporarily but that they were going to implement again in the next versions. Indeed, it has been so, since the beta 2 of iOS 11.1 ( published a few hours ago ) it is possible to activate multitasking using 3D Touch.

Through this gesture implemented in iOS 9 with the output of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, we can change applications without making use of the Home button.

At first, it was rumored that Apple was going to eliminate this gesture to implement it differently in the iPhone X that would not come with Home button. But in the iPhone X is invoked multitasking from the bottom and without 3D Touch, so it did not make sense to delete.

In the words of Craig Federighi:

Unfortunately, we had to temporarily give up support for this gesture due to a technical limitation. We will bring it back in an upcoming iOS 11.x update

Thanks (and I’m sorry for the inconvenience)!

iOS 11.1 will be the next major update of the operating system, so far it is in the second beta and surely take a couple of weeks to reach the final version for all users. Apple has not specified an exact date but will likely arrive with the release of the iPhone X early next month.

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