Nintendo Switch: Already sold 1.5 million times

For a few days, the Nintendo Switch is on the market and has come out of the starting holes as the fastest selling Nintendo console ever.

 Nintendo Switch
After Nintendo itself – without naming concrete figures – already spoke of a highly successful launch, now joins the market research institute Superdata and published to even numbers.

As reported to have been sold in the first days after the release on 03 March, 1.5 million consoles worldwide. It is based on this estimate numbers of the magazine Famitsu and GfK.

This value is actual consumers and not just to the consoles that were shipped to distributors and may not yet sell final.

Every third console – ie 500,000 total – was discontinued in the United States, in the domestic Japan Nintendo could nevertheless bring 360,000 units of the man or woman.

Europe, too, should be close to the sum at the numbers from Japan, in which case only specific figures for France (110,000) and the UK (85,000) were communicated.

Ahead Nintendo had spent as a target that by the end of month two million units to be delivered to dealers.

It is quite possible, then, that Nintendo has already cracked this value with 1.5 million game consoles by consumers.

Who by the way was not sure what someone wants to gamble most urgent on its switch: the same was also found that 1.34 million (exclusive Wii U) Units of: were “Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild” sold so 89 percent of the Switch-owners also own this game.

Meaning that only about one in ten Switch Buyer has not also taken the new Zelda title ashore.

This can be so all really good for the Japanese, although we still have no official concrete sales figures.

At least the start but succeeded – now we have to hope that enough software can be refilled to keep the Nintendo Switch Buyer medium entertained.

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