Nintendo has already sold 2.4 million Switch worldwide according to SuperData

We arrive at the equator of April and play to review the figures of an exceptional March in which Nintendo Switch and his star game have been imposed loosely.

In fact, its welcome has been great: according to the latest report, SuperData has sold no less than 2.4 million consoles worldwide.

Extremely healthy figures that total no less than one million consoles sold to those recorded during the launch week , and if we break down a little more is reflected that 38% of consoles have been acquired in the United States only because of the 906,000 Switch distributed among North American consumers during March, according to Nintendo itself.

What’s more, these results turn the Switch into the system with the best debut in Nintendo’s history, and one of the best starting consoles ever and surpassing the 2 million console mark La Gran N expected to distribute during its first month.

For the software, ‘The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild‘ has been the best release of a month to frame. The Spanish Video Game Association has not provided specific figures, but the versions of Switch and Wii U of the game occupy the first and fourth position respectively in the sales ranking.

Now in the United States, it has been officially announced that 1.3 million copies of Link’s latest adventure have been sold, at 925,000 units for Switch and almost 460,000 on Wii U. As a curiosity, if we compare the sales figures we find more copies of Zelda sold than consoles in North America.

Perhaps it is the first symptom of not having a regional blockade, added to the era of electronic commerce. There may be a large number of players betting on the standard and collector’s edition at the same time, or there will simply be many users who have bought it leaving the console for later hoping for a better date or offer.

Interestingly, they have appeared a new console pack and a game in the store of Nintendo of Russia, something that we thought we would not see – at least officially.

Moreover, the Great N has confirmed the existence of that bundle in the middle Gamespot but anticipates that there are no plans to take the game beyond the Russian market and has not been facilitated the price of it.

A very warm welcome from the users and that has managed to exceed the forecast of 2 million consoles expected to get Nintendo, although its lack of stock in several markets has surely slowed significantly the total results.

In fact, La Gran N has already redoubled its production, and it is not for less if we consider that ‘Mario Kart’, ‘Splatoon 2’ or ‘ARMS’ are just around the corner and has many ballots to become the Black Friday star product. It is expected that there will be 16 million consoles distributed in front of April 2018, little joke but not impossible.

Nintendo is still on the run, but the proposal for its new system has just started, although there are still some fringes pending to meet your proposal as the online service. Of course, in the playable, we are looking forward to seeing what Mario, Link and Samus’s house can achieve with those Joy-Cons.

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