How to remove iOS updates to save space on your iPhone or iPad

How to remove iOS updates to save space on your iPhone or iPad

When a new software update is available for the iPhone or iPad, it will be downloaded automatically if your device has a Wi-Fi connection.

This is great because it makes us forget to manually update the product, and as soon as the download is done, we will be asked to update the system.

But if you have a phone or iPad that you do not want to update for whatever reason and the update has been cheeky, there is no reason to keep it, because it only takes up space.

Luckily, there is a very simple way to end it by deleting the update. Not only will you save enough space on your phone or iPad, but you ‘ll also stop seeing a notification that an update is available.

  • Open Settings on iPhone or iPad
  • Go to General > Storage
  • You will see a list of apps installed on the device, among all these apps, there will also be the version of software that has been downloaded
  • Tap on it and then tap Delete

Once this is done, you will no longer see an “update available” in the system settings.

On the other hand, keep in mind that the updates take up a lot of MB, so you’ll save a lot of space. Can you avoid updates and automatic downloads of software?

Unfortunately no, Apple does not allow root cut with this issue, so you will always download the latest version available for the device.

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