The physical edition of Rocket League for Nintendo Switch will arrive in January full of downloadable content

There are users who prefer to have their games digitally and others like to have them in their box with their disc, card or cartridge, depending on the console.

In the case of ‘Rocket League,’ there has been no possible option where to choose to be available only in digital format since November, although Psyonix has announced that it has reached an agreement with Warner Bros. to distribute a physical edition.

Here in Europe, we can do with it from January 26, ten days after the date it is scheduled to arrive in North America, but it should be noted that it will not be a normal edition, but a collector’s edition.

In it will be the complete base game that can be found through the eShop. However, what will make it special is the fact that it will have a good collection of downloadable content that is all of the following: Supersonic Fury Pack, Revenge of the Battle-Cars Pack, Chaos Run Pack, Aftershock Car, Marauder Car, Esper Car, Masamune Car, objects inspired by The Flash and a limited art image by the artist Jay Zhang.

The price of this physical edition of ‘Rocket League’ is higher than the versions of Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so it will cost $ 39.99.

The reason that Psyonix has indicated that it is ten dollars more expensive is due to what it costs to manufacture the Nintendo Switch cards, something that is not the first time we have seen in some other title of the Nintendo console.

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