Spencer: ‘Xbox One X is for the video game connoisseur’

Xbox One S would be dedicated to the general public.

After Xbox One X hit the market this week, Phil Spencer wanted to offer his vision of the new Microsoft platform.

It is not a console for everyone

During an interview with CNBC in New York, the Xbox executive indicated which is the target audience of Xbox One X.

“This console is for gamers who have a 4K television, and want to see the best graphics,”

“This platform is aimed at the customer who buys more and plays more.”

Spencer said

In this sense, Xbox One S is positioned as a console aimed at the mass audience. In this way, Microsoft is confident that it will sell more than Xbox One X.

Spencer explained that the company, by offering two consoles at the same time, seeks to cover the demand of all types of players.

In news related to Xbox One X, the console has already received the first user reports indicating that the device becomes unusable after a few hours of use.

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