Steam Deck updates: Windows 11 can now be installed

Steam Deck

Valve’s hybrid console, Steam Deck, is a device that has one of its greatest advantages in flexibility. Okay, it’s not a compact product, on the contrary: it offers many options to users. And in this first month after launch (shipments started on February 25, officially) the updates have already broadened the range of things that Valve’s hybrid can do. Recently, for example, the synergy with Microsoft has allowed the arrival of an Edge update for Linux designed precisely to allow Steam Deck owners to play the Xbox Cloud Gaming catalog.

And for those who also love to play with software, as well as with video games, from the beginning of March, there is the possibility of running Windows thanks to the release by Valve of many necessary drivers (even if some are still missing, such as the audio one. : work in progress, in short). However, until a few days ago it was not possible to install Windows 11, due to the lack of basic requirements: but now things have changed.


The latest update for Steam Deck in the beta channel, in fact, introduced a series of new features, among which the addition of an element that allows users to proceed with the installation of Windows 11 stands out: we are talking about fTPM support ( Trusted Platform Module firmware).

On the Windows front, Valve, in addition to being committed to the release of all the drivers, is also working on an installation program that supports dual-boot, and thus allows users to have on the same console a partition dedicated to Steam OS and a to Microsoft’s operating system, without having to give up anything.


But that’s not all: because in addition to the update on the beta channel, another one has arrived on the stable one that includes some interesting changes, such as the unprecedented keyboard that can be controlled using both trackpads, thus allowing you to select two letters at the time and speed up typing (with some practice, of course, as it doesn’t seem like the most comfortable thing in the world).

And speaking of keyboards, a full-size virtual one has also been added in the Linux desktop mode. In addition, it is now possible to manually adjust the dead zones of the analogs and the intensity of the haptic feedback provided by the trackpads.

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