Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is updated to 1.03 version

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

The Square Enix title reaches version 1.03 adding interesting new features that improve the user experience and fix some known bugs.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has just received the patch that updates the title to version 1.03, which brings with it a good handful of adjustments, fixes, and improvements in terms of the user’s quality of life. Among all the changes, the solution to the annoying bug that blocked some players from obtaining rewards after completing a mission in Cooperative Mode stands out. The update is now available.

Changes and news in version 1.03

Beyond solving known problems with the title, the new patch focuses on readjusting and improving different aspects that speed up some processes and offer a friendlier experience for the player, since obtaining loot and the way of managing the mountain of objects ( weapons, armor, and others) that we pick up in each mission is now much more fluid. Below, we break down the main new features of the update.

  • Automatic disassembly of objects, as long as they meet the current configuration parameters.
  • 5 Stars and Artifacts: You can now prevent your character from automatically picking up items below the selected rarity level.
  • The type “no job affinity” has been added when filtering jobs by category.
  • Messages can be sent while talking to NPCs and allied characters.
  • The search has been expanded to be able to find level 300 matches and even gear levels without having to locate a specific quest.
  • Various fixes in lighting, frame rate per second, animations, and other elements that you can consult in the following link.

An action-focused spin-off

In our analysis of the title, we said that “Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin shows us the two sides of production far from the quality standard maintained by Team Ninja. Despite the excellence of his combat, a house brand, the rest of his pillars are not up to par. The most enthusiastic sector of the Final Fantasy community will welcome the constant nods and tributes to several of the main deliveries, especially the NES original.

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