This is how Yoru, the new agent of the imminent Episode 2 of Valorant, spends them in this pair of gameplays

Last week Riot Games revealed a huge amount of news that the different games in the League of Legends universe were going to receive on the occasion of the 2021 season. However, they will not be the only ones receiving updates, because Valorant will be expanded this week with its Episode 2.

It will include Yoru, a new agent who has been defined as an Infiltrated Duelist who specializes in fast and stealthy movements. This will allow him to be able to teleport short distances, blind his rivals, or even become invisible thanks to his special ability while simulating the sound of his footsteps to catch the opposing team off guard.

Riot Games has invited some YouTubers to try out this character exclusively this weekend. This has left us with some other gameplay, such as those of the Brush or Iridium channels that you can take a look at below.